Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have decided to change the heading on my original blog. My new heading states:

This blog is about promoting Morris schools, businesses, churches, traditional family values, exposing public corruption and reporting waste and fraud in city and county government. Let’s turn the corner and put a stop to public corruption by participating in this little community blog.

Notice I left out all references to Morris being a "good Christian community", as well as all references to negativity, gossip and rumor, in order for me to be viewed as credible and scholarly by the nimrods who actually read my blog. This blog is not so much about exposing public corruption as it is about feeding my own ego so as to be viewed by others as "important". We will soon have tshirts and bumper stickers for sale reading, "Positive Morron Loves You", "Positive Morron Is My Co-Pilot", and "WWPMD?". Thanks to all My loyal followers.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Positive Change is Needed.

Hey Morris.. What Do You Think?How can we make Morris a better place to live? Stay positive with your posts or they will be rejected!!! POSITIVE MORRON HAS SPOKEN. I don't believe in censorship unless it is something I disagree with. Then and ONLY then will I censor a comment. but I despise stupidity, even though I continually post what I consider negative comments and then post my own inane and negative comments in response, all the while claiming to be positive simply to feed my large and extravagant ego. Post away:

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mayor and Council Reject Morris GOP Nominee...BUT THIS BLOG IS NOT PARTISAN

In what could be perceived as a partisan move ,Morris Mayor Richard Kopczick and five City Alderman rejected the recommendation of the Grundy County Republican central committee and appointed Hansen to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of first ward Alderman Ken Seidler. Last week a meeting of the GOP central committee produced a majority vote to appoint Local businessman Dave Trotter to represent the first ward. Monday night Kopczick recommended the appointment of Hansen. Of the seven alderman present five voted in favor of the Mayor’s recommendation with newly elected alderman Brown and Barkley voting against. This marks the second time in three months that Hansen failed to garner a majority vote from members of his own party and apparently this had little effect on the Mayors decision to appoint Hansen. Click on the above headline to read the article in today’s Herald. Interestingly no biography is provided to explain what Mr. Hansen’s’ credentials are nor does it mention what governmental experience if any that Mr. Hansen brings to the council.

Because I am a right winged whacko, not to mention a whacko in general, and want to do everything in my power to discredit the democratic party in Morris, while at the same time pretending to be positive and non partisan, I failed to mention that the Republican dominated City Council plus one Democratic alderman voted for Hansen. Two Republican aldermen voted no. What can I say...I'm an idiot. POST AWAY!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Positive Morron Retracts Yet Another Blog Article

The removal of the Heritage project article was done to preserve the uh...em...errrr...integrity of this blog. YEA, that's the ticket! integrity of the blog! In all fairness I removed the article as requested by my other personality which seems to open it's big mouth without thinking. I do not want this blog to be linked with any partisan politics even though I have stated I am a conservative God fearing republican and I endorsed Beachbum Darrell Brown. I will leave that job for the other Morris blogs. This is not a case of my making a mistake. OH NO! Positive Morron never errs. I am just PRESERVING INTEGRITY by retracting what I wrote after it occured to me that I sounded like an idiot. My lobotomy was successful. I now wear a hat and have learned to control the drooling.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

What The Heck Is Going On? I'm Confused and Disoriented

I posted this on March 14:
After string of ads, here's kudos to Mayor By Marilou WarrickMorris resident. Hopefully, the negative ads aimed at our dear Mayor Kopczick have ended. He is highly valued as our mayor. He is a gentleman. His door is always open to us. Most of all, he honors God. He is pro-life. As a registered Republican, I am happy and proud to cast my vote for Mayor Richard I like Scott Belt, too. He is doing a great job as our city attorney.

Then I posted this on April 30.
Heritage Project Illinois Reports: Stop Mayor Kopczick's raid on our school and park funds
This week, The evil Morris Mayor Dick Kopczick will try to get the city council to approve a city budget that would raid the city's tax increment financing (TIF) fund of $9 million ... to pay for a new, palatial city hall.Those TIF funds are meant to help fund our schools, parks, and clean-up of blighted areas, such as the old paper mill property.This is also money that could help provide property tax relief for the hard-working taxpayers of Morris.Furthermore, it is possible the the evil mayor will try to get the lame duck members of the city council to approve this budget before the newly-elected members of the city council are sworn in on Tuesday morning ... because he doesn't have the votes on the new council. We must protect Morris schools from the evil mayor's raid on the TIF fund.A new, big city hall may be a nice luxury - a luxury our city cannot currently afford. Morris is struggling to meet other financial obligations - including ongoing litigation and debts incurred due to the landfill situation - and does not need to spend this kind of money on a new city hall. Call City Hall today at (815) 942-5438 and tell evil Mayor Kopczick to stop this raid on our TIF funds.Everyone is also urged to attend the City Council meeting this Tuesday, 10 a.m. at Morris City Hall (320 Wauponsee Street).The Morris Daily Herald reported last week that the city is already planning the groundbreaking ceremony for this new building - before the funding is even approved. Only YOU can stop this raid on our tax dollars and only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Positive Morron is NOT confused. Nor do I ever contradict myself. Positive Morron has spoken.

Positive Morron Stamps Out Pessimism

Stop with the negative posts!!! STOP STOP STOP I SAY!!! Or I will stamp my feet and start throwing things. Since the creation of this blog it has been derailed on many occasions. It stops now! NOW I SAY! I HAVE SPOKEN! I am trying to maintain a positive, constructive blog while at the same time bashing people whom I don't like. Posters need to understand that numerous individuals within our local media monitor this site, because after all, I am SO important, which in turn, they try to gauge public opinion on certain issues. We can see by some of the postings we have a great number of people that would like this city to be the beacon of small town USA and that means keeping out the blacks, mexicans and anyone else who doesn't agree with my personal values. I have personally spent many hours on this site as time permits and I DO have a lot of time because basically I have no life. I have pleaded numerous times to stop with the insults, rumor and innuendo and several individuals have just ignored me (waaaaa waaaaa). This will not diminish my agenda...errr...goal. Morris has seen a huge influx of new residents (especially blacks, mexicans, gays, liberals and other subversives) and we need to as a community embrace this as a positive change on the outside (but inwardly and quietly do what we can to get rid of them). THIS IS MY GOAL! THE GOAL OF POSITIVE MORRON.
Thank youSincerely,Positive Morron

Positive Morron, Illinois hits the Web!

My goal and purpose as Positive Morron is to rid this city of everything that goes against what I, Positive Morron, hold to be true and accurate. I will singlehandedly be your source of positive information however inaccurate and you shall take what I say at face value, no questions asked because I am Positive Morron, the one who knows all and sees all. I will positively perpetuate negative rumors if that's what it takes to rid this city of evil-doers and those who I don't like or agree with, all the while claiming to be positive. I will arrogantly provide false information and later retract it at my will because I am Positive Morron and I know all. The city of Morris and all who reside here shall one day bow before me, Positive Morron. Let the debates begin!